FeelTLight outil thérapeutique

FeelTlight : a therapeutic tool

Autism and society

Autism worries society. It seems that autism problems are detected more and more often at different degrees.

FeelTLight can be used within this context, where it gives quite convincing results (see the two embedded videos)

But beyond strict handicap situations, the problem of autism reminds us of the communication problems that are arising everywhere in society.

Today we see less and less children playing outside together as more often they sit around staring at their screens; we see teenagers that hang out together but do not look at each other but at their smartphones.

There is something that our society is now suffering from and that the autistic people clearly show us.

The Asperger autistic person expresses and shows hypersensitivity that is also hyper-vulnerability, butthey are not the only ones that are too sensitive. In fact, we are all much more sensitive to others than we think we are.

If as JP Sartre said, “hell is the others”, today we can understand that paradise is also thanks to others..

FeelTLight would like to clarify emotions and resolve relational pains, before they reach a level of stress where they interfere with the joy of living and produce an abuse in and out of oneself.

A Psychologist specialized in autism speaks about her good experience with FeelTLight.

What can feel t light do?

FeelTLight is addressed to all therapists who want to try new tools that show, make aware and help with communications.

Whether a group, a couple or a social abilities’ workshop, where human beings are looking to work together and better understand each other, for connecting and finding security, protection and courage, FeelTLight goes along, protecting and clearing out your own personal space.