“The little traffic light that protects your personal space
and your relations.”

Show your availability/ Clarify your emotions/Improve the flow of your relationships

What is FeelTLight?

​FeelTLight is a brand new and innovative non-connected device. It goes against the trend of “connecting everything”, so emotions and availability stay private and are not delivered by Internet.

FeelTLight is a signaling system for relationships, a traffic light that is worn like a pin that displays through different colored lights in which emotional state or availability you are.

FeelTLight assists in the management and vibrant flow of relationships, it contributes to the awareness of ones own emotional state while showing others ones availability or openness for discussion.

It can be attached to clothes or stand up inside its box. The “enlighted one” (the one that has the FeelTLight) decides which color to show.

In the same way that the traffic light system manages the traffic, the FeelTLight contributes to the regulation of emotions and relationship fluidity.

FeelTLight is at the same time
A relationship tool and a therapeutic tool

FeelTLight on TV

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Using FeelTLight everyone can show their openness and availability

what do the three different colours mean ?

FeelTLight en mode rouge


I show that I am closed to relationships, working, family or another place. I want to stay on my one or I’m not in the mood.

FeelTLight en mode orange


I show that I should be approached with care. It could mean that I am susceptible or fragile and I need to be approached with attention and sensitivity.

FeelTLight en mode vert


I am open to discussion, and/or exchanges. I am available and willing to find others. I show my availability within my environment. I am still free to refuse any connection and I can explain why.

FeelTLight en mode serpentin lumineux


Please help me, I am overwhelmed, I can’t stand the situation I am in, I have an urgent need or I am physically ill.